I worked at the University of Washington where I had a number of job titles:

Manager, Network Operations Center

This is my main day-job, managing a team of 15 professional staff and 5 students. we take care of the day-to-day operations of a network that stretches from Chicago to Tokyo, serves hundreds of school districts in the State of Washington State K-20 Network, supports UW Medicine at four hospitals and dozens of clinics, as well as the University campuses in Seattle, Bothell, and Tacoma.

Service Manager: Wired Network Services

I’m also responsible for the day-to-day operations of the wired campus network, including the DHCP, DNS, IPAM, service transition (i.e. change management), and reacting to trends in demand (more bandwidth and less downtime)

Process Manager: Incident management

I spend some time proselytizing about ITIL incident management to to other services across the department, helping them adopt best practices for troubleshooting, documenting fixes, and ensuring enough information is captured for root-cause analysis and problem management.

Operations Section Chief: Unit Response Center

When major incidents happen, the organization has to react in a different way to the common/daily orrences in IT operations, and we make use of the Incident Command System. In this role I am one of the three operations section chiefs responsible for the tactical response to significant incidents affecting IT operations. Another aspect of this is working to ensure we have systems and processes in place to survive major incidents