Using RSA authentication Manger for two-factor authentication


Using cisco VMPS to assign VLANS based on client MAC address

User Registration at Salford

Pre-Registration database

In 1988 only students who would use the prime 9955 minicomputers for programming would be granted accounts for the computer; usernames and passwords were distributed to the professors. Around 1990 the decision was made to give every student a login, so they could have access to electronic mail, and be able to use some storage for files. This was the start of the PC resolution. Unfortunately the workload of looking up all of the new students during registration week was underestimated and extremely long lines formed for usernames and password. Overnight I wrote a very efficient custom database program in C to speed up the username/password lookup, and print out the values for the student to take away. This eliminate many of the queues, but still required students to visit the Academic Information Services desk during registration. As part of the strategy of equitable acess to all services on all campuses a new system was needed

Self-Registration Database

In 1999 I designed a new self-registration system with a proper database backend and a web-based front end. Information from the student registry was used to populate a database; a student could the use a web-terminal in the library to create their initial login and password, eliminating the need for IT staff at student registration events.