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I am the Director of Networks and Telecommunications for the Purdue System. The teams reporting to me are:

Network Engineering and Operations

Network Engineering is responsible for the major lifecycle planning, especially for the data center, routing, and security components of the network.

Network Operations is responsible for the monitoring and day-to-day changes on the network, acting as the gatekeepers for change on the network and ensuring a reliable infrastructure.

Current projects: a large life-cycle refresh (LCR) of the wireless data network — moving campus from 802.11n to Wi-Fi 6e following the successful upgrade of residences to Wi-Fi-6 (from Wi-Fi-4)

Communications Infrastructure

Field operations for the network infrastructure: Moves/adds/changes to the campus voice and data network. LCR of the access layer switches and wireless Access points

Infrastructure Design: Outside plant cabling and planning: managing the fiber-optic infrastructure that connects buildings. Inside plan: design and validation of cabling inside buildings.

Current projects: Fiber-optic installs along State St, to Aspire, up to the Folk Field athletics complex, and along Cherry Lane to the new Golf clubhouse and conference facility. Hypersonics research facility, and the many other construction projects on campus.

Past Jobs:

University of Washington (2010-2018)

You can find my old resume here: Richard Letts 2017